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Arts for Wellbeing

Arc is a creative arts organisation based in Stockport, UK, specialising in workshops, arts for wellbeing and community development. We work in and around Stockport and the North West from our base at Arc Centre and Gallery in Reddish. You can see just some of the things we do as an arts and mental health service in Stockport in our latest videos.

Arc has several team members, partners, volunteers and supporting organisations – please visit this page to find out more about them.

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At Arc we help people to manage their mental health and increase their wellbeing by exploring what it means to live well; to experience meaning and purpose; to flourish and to make a difference. We provide opportunities for people to explore their creativity, connect with each other and learn new skills.

What we offer

  • We offer vulnerable adults & young people structured programmes of support, helping them on a journey through recovery to wellbeing and independence.
  • We offer health partners and commissioners a specialist service which uses the unique power of the arts to support recovery from mental ill health. We have unrivalled experience in the development of high impact, bespoke support programmes for people at all stages of recovery.
  • We offer communities the opportunity to experience, design and co-produce inspirational arts events which build capacity and change perspectives about where they live.
  • We offer artists training, space, opportunities and resources to develop their practice in socially engaged settings.
  • We offer members of the public with a creative interest the opportunity to learn new practical skills.

Our Values

We believe that everyone is creative. We constantly seek opportunities for people to express their creativity, to flourish and to be able to transform their lives.

We are dynamic and proactive in our work. We embrace positive changes to our practice in order to maximise the creative opportunities available for people to enhance their wellbeing.

We believe that creativity can benefit everyone. We are committed to an inclusive way of working, to promote the positive benefits of connections between people and shared support networks.

Quality matters. We are motivated to design and deliver high quality art and creative experiences, providing skills and inspiration.

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Annual Reports & Evaluations

Arc Annual Report 2013-14        Arc Annual Report 2015-16
Arc Annual Report 2016-17     |     Arc Annual report 2017-18
Challenge Model 2020 – the Big Lottery evaluation report


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