GALLERY EXHIBITION: A Museum of Journeys in a Chest of Drawers

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A Museum of Journeys in a Chest of Drawers February 29th – April 17th

This participatory storytelling project will culminate with an exhibition launch from 12:00-15:30 on February 29th. The project unites two diverse and stigmatised communities through interactive artworks, assisting in building support networks for those affected by migration, isolation and poor mental health.

Through a programme of workshops led by artists Sharon Campbell and Rachel Ramchurn, participants produced artworks inspired by personal effects and memories that represent their individual journeys. By sharing stories, this project aims to challenge xenophobic and mental health stereotypes through artworks that identify shared human experiences. 

Visit the project’s website here.

The lead artists worked with and will exhibit the artwork two groups; Arc’s Post-Challenge wellbeing group in Stockport and Global Sistaz United, a supportive group for Refugee women in Nottingham.

“We hope to positively cross barriers around attitudes towards mental ill health and refugee status women, looking at the commonality between us, the human themes we share, despite our apparent differences.”

Create your own poem uing a poetry making machine from words from the exhibitions themes!

With partners, Arc, Global Sistaz United, New Arts Exchange Nottingham,  funded by Arts Council England.

The exhibition will open on February 29th 12:00-15:30 and continues
Mon-Fri until 16:00 on Friday April 17th 2020.