Arc people

Arc has a Board of Directors responsible for governing the organisation, and each Director covering an essential area of expertise. The board consists of:

Julia McBryde (Chairperson)      |      Rachel Lake (Company Secretary)
Kevin Brosnahan (Director)    |     Graeme Draper (Director)    |     Safia Griffin (Director)
Vivs Long-Fergerson (Director)    |     Rob Morris (Director)

Arc partners

Partner organisations include:

Barnaby Festival     |    Give2Gain Timebank     |    Signpost Young Carers

Associate artists include:

anitadraper Screen Shot 2016-07-05 at 21.31.58 lisarisbec samsart scribbly sylviaglover traceymk  

Anita Draper    |     John Hamilton     |     Lisa Risbec     |     Stacey Coughlin
The Scribbly Nib     |     Sylvia Glover     |     Tracy-Lee McGuinness-Kelly     |     YumiMakes

Special thanks

We are very grateful for the advice, donated time, input, skill and expertise of the following people:

CCETdotcom    |     Andrea Designs     |     Breathe PR
Lucie Fitzpatrick     |      Funplace2b Digital