Who we are

Arts for Recovery in the Community, or simply ‘Arc’, is the leading arts and mental health charity based in Stockport that provides opportunities for people to celebrate their creativity, connect with each other and learn new skills.

Arc has more than 25 years’ experience of producing transformational arts projects which engage and include marginalised groups, promote wellbeing and recovery from mental ill-health, and reach thousands of people across the North West and beyond.

Exhibition: In Motion

What we offer

Our values


The arts have an amazing ability to bring people together, enabling us to find strength within ourselves and each other. By connecting through creativity to people and place, we support each other, and develop a genuine sense of belonging. This has a profound and positive impact on our mental health.


Creativity transforms lives - we can be inspired to flourish, to express ourselves, to be more confident and articulate. To take control of our future and to celebrate our journey.

Sharing stories

There is tremendous power in being given the space to tell your story and to listen to others. Exploring and sharing narratives help us make sense of our experiences and our world, reinforcing that we are not alone.


Creative projects need to be open, welcoming, accessible and responsive to the needs and interests of participants, but also ambitious, striving for the highest artistic outcomes and values.

Efficiency, Value and Impact

We always seek to improve our model, increase our impact and focus the use of our valuable human and financial resources.
Cllr Adrian Nottingham, Mayor of Stockport 2021
"For over 25 years Arc has demonstrated the power of art on mental wellbeing. We’re going to need more of that going forwards."