Men's Music For Wellbeing

Experienced musician Phill Howley will lead you through the basics of songwriting and production, covering everything from guitars to drum machines, singing to synths. At the end of the project you’ll have written your very own songs or dance tracks. Take some time out of your week to learn new skills, gain confidence and meet new people. No experience is  necessary and all equipment will be provided, so you just need to bring along an interest in music!

Please contact or call 0161 474 1462 to talk about you or someone you work with  joining the programme.

Men playing music for their wellbeing
"It’s saved me from being very lonely, to somebody enjoying their retirement. It’s like opening a window and I can see out and appreciate things and what’s around me - it’s been absolutely wonderful!"
"I feel good coming here, and I always feel better when I’m leaving."
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