10 Types of Videos I Create for Art Marketing and Content

My name is Lucie Fitzpatrick and I’m a freelance art marketer, trainer and project manager who works for Arc as its marketing officer. Just before lockdown I did a video making session with MACC in Manchester. You could say it was the best timing ever, as it really served me incredibly well as a new skill when the pandemic started and since then there have been 10 types of videos I tend to create, which I thought I would share with you. They are simpler than you might think! I am not a videographer and a lot of what I make is very simple to create.

Before that I used Canva a lot and have done photography for years. I have shot the odd video and loved making simple gifs and a bit of stop motion stuff, however, despite having used a few other programs it had never really stuck and made sense before this great session, I definitely recommend their workshops for freelancers – in some cases they are free or discounted for members and non-profits in Manchester.

Is Video Content King?

Video on social media has been the most popular online / social content type for years, but the pandemic has definitely increased that even further, with people looking to connect and consume more, visually and digitally and becoming more comfortable with it. People wanted to see other people more in 2020-21, and turned to social media even more than pre-pandemic, with channel TikTok growning massively – up 75% in the U.S by September 2020 and with 33X more users than its nearest direct competitor.

The benefits of video for marketing – particularly for people-focused services – are hopefully clear. They show another dimension in storytelling and brand or personality or connection-building. You may also be able to communicate more speaking words than the time it takes some people to read them, and oftentimes people just don’t even want to read!

In general, consumers are moving away from the old school, one way, self-promotional marketing and towards two way, deeper, more personalised experience. One reason that marketing has changed so much is that so many products exist now and markets are so saturated that you need to appeal to the right people, but also we are just changing as a society. The internet has obviously had a huge impact, but different things mattered not only in a different era, say, the 1980s, but Millennials’ and Gen Zeds’ values, needs and wants differ greatly from Baby Boomers’ and Gen Xers’. Many people aren’t content with a company saying “buy this, it’s good”, it’s much more complex now, and people want to know how it will benefit them. The same is true even for charities – they still have to connect on different levels with the types of people they have strategised will be most likely to donate time and money to them and what that entails.

Is Video Right for My Business?

I have got quite a bit of video making under my belt now, having brought my different creative skills together to use video for Arc and other events, artists and non-profits, telling their story to appeal to different audiences. I have learned that if I’m organised and open to adapting, it’s not as time-consuming, expensive, difficult or technical as I thought!
Arc mostly requires videos for organic growth and storytelling. Highly sales-focused marketing can demand different strategies and even different digital marketing tactics entirely. Sales-driven aims can sometimes benefit from more time spent on SEO, paid social and investing in ads. Is video right for you? It’s usually right for everyone, but you should plan your time accordingly to be weighted to different tactics depending on your aims and the return on your time investment.

If you think you’d like to know more about making the kinds of videos below, join our 4-week virtual course from Wednesday March 2nd at 18:30 – 20:30!

If you’d you like to use more video for marketing your creative business, venue, as educational resources or digital exhibitions and show a different dimension than photos or text alone, video making is a must-have skill for artists, groups, charities and venues. No previous video making experience is required and you don’t need to be ready to create, just willing to absorb information for when you are. Click the link abouve to find out more about the content, from aim setting to editing.

Anyway, let’s get on with looking at a few types of videos (and what I have chosen to name them in a simplest term!)

10 Types of Videos I Create

1. Animated Image

Gives more life to images, also acts as short clips for longer video making.


2. Mixed Content or Video Only with Narration/Music

Telling more of a story, creating vibrance, bringing different content together, you could get the audio from someone separately – record it on Zoom or in person (even just as a voice note or video to detach audio later).
Example 1:
Example 2: 

3. Stop Motion Animation

Looks like movement, fun, arty and interesting, looks impressive! 🙂

4. Still Image Video

Like a slideshow, easiest when you only have (good quality) images.
Example 1:
Example 2: 

5. Interview-Style

Shows someone being interviewed – showing them throughout or cut with other relevant content on top of the audio. You could record audio to 2 devices. This is the style taught at the session I did pre-pandemic at MACC. It can be confusing to create videos like this because we think in a linear way, but once you get the hang of it…

6. Longer films – Full Promotional Film or Film-As-Exhibit

Showing a film as a stylised, high quality or documentary-style story, or using film as an art form or a channel for exhibiting itself.

YouTube video

7. How-Tos

Show a snippet of your amazing value!

8. Q&As

Even just with yourself, they could be fictional Qs or made to look like it’s Live!

9. Zoom Screen Share

Show how to do something, a tour of your website, images, virtual spaces or just talk about siomething you care about! You can always edit later..

YouTube video

10. Quick / Short Videos and Lives

Could you ask a friend or customer to post a quick vid?
Example 1:
Example 2:

YouTube video

Good luck (or skill!) – most importantly. be inspired by your product, service or passion, and get really creative! Time for a mindmap I think…

Hope to see you soon at Arc – where we can explore what matters to you and thrive in the arts together.
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By Lucie Fitzpatrick
Marketing Officer, Arc
October 3rd, 2021