We are nearly at the end of the ‘Cherish’ project, after three workshops with each group of women. Lead Artist, Jasmine Walne has been exploring the theme of Identity with the participants, asking the women to bring objects from their home that they cherish and documenting these through the creative mediums of drawing, painting and collage.
The women have shared stories about themselves, their lives and what they hold closest, connecting with each other whilst doing so. Many of the women in each group didn’t know each other previously, and the sessions have brought them together, allowing them to feel connected and part of a community. 
Jasmine encouraged participants to be experimental and creative, looking at their objects in different ways, from simple shapes and colours to detailed line and texture observations. By working in this way the participants were able to express themselves in a more personal way, considering how best to communicate what they see.
We’ve had positive feedback from the participants so far; they have expressed that they have enjoyed sharing stories with others and becoming absorbed in drawing or painting – which they felt very therapeutic and calming. Others have said the workshops have been a welcome break from their everyday lives, and that meeting new people through the workshops has been enjoyable.
Next week, all three groups will come together at Arc – the first time they will have all met. We will share all the work created, and hope that the three groups will see connections between each other’s work and that there will be similar themes running through the objects and drawings. Following this, Jasmine will collate all the work created, bringing it together into artwork for an exhibition for International Women’s Day 2018.
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