Keeping Us Together: Arts and Wellbeing During Lockdown

Your mental health is of the most importance if you’re potentially staying alone indoors for a while in isolating or social distancing, and if you’re finding it tough, we can help! We can’t be together physically until our programmes are up and running again, but we are determined to ensure we are connected online, and aim to provide challenges and links to creative and brain-boosting content online and for your time outdoors. We will send weekly emails to inspire, connect and share activities for arts and wellbeing during lockdown for all ages to keep us creating with as many of our participants, supporters and friends as possible.


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Our focus over the coming weeks is going to be kindness, creativity and support. And we look forward to seeing you back at Arc Centre, Hat Works and other venues we work with very soon.

Mind have issued the following advice which is available via their website. In addition, here are some very helpful ways to look after ourselves from the BBC.