Mental health charity fundraising: what can a small organisation do to increase its revenue in 2019?

An increasing numbers of organisations have closed in recent years, possibly due to our current political and economic climate, so mental health charity fundraising is very important for sustainability. Arc’s trustees are currently undertaking several major exercises to secure its future and ensure we continue to deliver a range of services at the centre and in neighbourhoods across Stockport. For example, we are currently exploring making use of the invaluable resource The Charities Aid Foundation, which offers a range of services to help charities increase their impact, operate in a professional business-like manner and increase their charity fundraising.

Growing mental health charity fundraising using CAF services

Mental health charity fundraising

The development of a fundraising campaign initiative is also ongoing. Arc has successfully at bid for a wide range of funds for many years to support its activities. We want to ensure sustainability because our political landscape is changing, so we are looking at other income streams like talking to local politicians, dignitaries, developing industrial and commercial partnerships and a patron and champion policy.

Why develop such a policy?

Mental health charity patrons can:

Mental health charity champions can:

If you know of anyone who might be suited to undertaking such a role advocating Arc and growing our mental health charity fundraising, please contact us! Send an email with the subject line “FAO Arc Trustees” to!

Graeme Draper, Trustee, Arc