Untitled design (1)Cheryl was a university social work student on placement with us for a few months until September 2017. Students provide vital practical, administrational and emotional support for sessions and participants during their placements. Now a volunteer, we caught up with Cheryl to find out how she felt about her time at Arc.

Q: What 3 words would you choose to describe your time at Arc to someone?
A: Rewarding, close-knit, passion.

Q: What was the best thing about being a student at Arc?
A: I would say the best thing was the strong supportive environment around me and the learning opportunities available enabling me to develop my skills and knowledge.

Q: What was your best / most fulfilling moment at Arc?
A: Being creative in the hospital sessions and doing clay with the patients was rewarding and a good learning opportunity for me.  One patient had been there for seven months and the Occupational Therapist said he had never engaged before, but he joined in and, although he struggled at first with his attention span, he successfully made a heart plaque for his mum.

Q: Were you looking forward to leaving?
A: I was happy to complete my placement as that meant I could move on to my final year but I was upset that my placement was finishing. I enjoyed every day and it went by so fast. I was asked to stay as a volunteer when I finished and I was delighted.

Q: Do you think your time at Arc will help you further your degree or career?
A: Yes. When I finish my degree I would like to work in mental health and I feel my time at Arc has given me a really good foundation for this.

Q: What is your opinion about arts groups for wellbeing?
A: I think they are really positive and more people should be encouraged to join. They offer people the chance to meet others and just escape life for a few hours. The difference in some participants in 12 weeks on Outreach is amazing.

We wish Cheryl all the best at university and for her career, and look forward to her volunteering at the centre!