The Other in Mother Motherhood Arts Project Manchester

I can’t quite believe that we’re near the end of the project! All the research is complete, final ideas are set and I’m now trialing the artworks in the dome with a wonderful group of volunteers.
One of the most exciting outcomes of the project has been the social media call out on Facebook and Instagram. I asked mothers to think about their own ‘maternal transition’, what for them were the psychological impacts of becoming a mother and which object represents that shift. The response was overwhelming, with over 60 women contributing images and stories from all over the world and

these have really informed the final piece and the manipulated objects that will hang inside the geodesic dome. I’m really excited about the seminar into ‘The Role of the Artist in Perinatal Mental Health’, it will bring together artists and specialists in the field to discuss the role and potential for the arts to help women in this transition that is so under discussed and for some so devastatingly difficult. It’s only £5 and includes lunch, book a space via Evenbrite here.

I also of course cannot wait to see the installation at the gallery all finished and complete, and  then in different locations for its tour.
The Other in Mother opens at Manchester Art Gallery on Thursday September 20th and continues until 5pm  Sunday September 23rd. The tour Launch event will be from 13:30 on Saturday September 22nd – see you there!

by Sarah Harrison Greaves, lead artist, TOIM
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