Perinatal Mental Health

11/01/19 The Other in Mother Motherhood Arts Project film has gone live!

In 2018 we commissioned artist Sarah Greaves to create a touring installation based around perinatal mental health and the impacts of motherhood, called ‘The Other in Mother’. She undertook research with health professionals, worked with some of the mums from our Creative Mums programme, led a really successful social media campaign and designed an amazing piece of art that provoked conversation and debate around what the expectations and realities of women’s experience of motherhood in each venue it toured to, and often moved audiences to tears.

“I hope that even in a tiny way it just opens up

conversations about what can be a really tricky process in becoming a mother and normalising some of that, and if it doesn’t normalise it then reducing some of the stigma around [perinatal mental health].”

The Other in Mother extended our geographical reach and firmly positioned Arc as a producer of high quality socially engaged artworks.  It was seen by over 2,800 people across Manchester Art Gallery, Leeds Museum, Gallery Oldham, Macclesfield Library and here at Arc, and 250 people took part in workshops and seminars as part of the tour.

Manchester-based filmmaker John Grey made a lovely film during the project.

YouTube video

by Jacqui Wood, Artistic Director, Arc
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