10 reasons to volunteer in Stockport at Arc

Arc’s volunteer team is a vital part of our arts and health charity. Volunteers support every aspect of our work, and though volunteering with us create lots of opportunities for volunteers, ultimately; without volunteers Arc wouldn’t exist. So here’s my top 10 reasons to volunteer in Stockport at Arc!

1. Make a difference to someone’s life

Make an impact as a volunteer at Arc and help us to use the arts to transform the lives of those experiencing mental health issues, help provide a creative hub and gallery for the community. Approximately 1 in 4 people in the UK will experience a mental health issue. After engaging with the arts, 82% of our participants reported improved wellbeing. Volunteer support means we can engage with more participants and positively impact more lives..

2. Gain professional experience

When you start volunteering with us we want to find out what areas you’re most interested in doing whilst volunteering and what skills you want to develop. Whether it’s admin skills or creative facilitation experience, we’ll support you along the way.


3. Give back

Contribute to a charitable organisation, your community and people who need support.


4. Learn new skills and build your confidence

“Being shown new approaches, ways of thinking, techniques and starting points that make you engage with new concepts, for me, is stimulating. Then being able to share and exchange those different outcomes with participants with their different backgrounds, slants and skills, also inspires new creative ideas and possibilities.” – Outreach volunteer, 2019. 

5. Meet new people and make new friends! 

“I find volunteering is a great way to meet a variety of people and learn things about my adopted city that I otherwise never would” – current volunteer, 2018.


6. Boost your CV 

Volunteering looks great on your CV and is now something that potential employers often look for. We’re also happy to provide a reference for volunteers when they’re looking for paid work. 

“After being out of work for 10 years my journey with Arc as a participant and volunteer has helped me build my CV and acquire references. The experience of being at Arc has opened so many doors for me. Before this my world was small and only getting smaller, closing in on me, but now I’m more positive and a lot happier” – Former volunteer.


7.  Be healthier and happier. 

It has been widely reported that volunteering can lead to feeling happier and healthier. Whether that’s as a result of meeting new people, finding a new sense of purpose or seeing the positive impact you’re making.


8. Do something you’re good at and share your skills! 

Grow the skills you’d like to concentrate on, share your expertise and help other volunteers to flourish!


9. Grow your confidence.

Being part of a community of people, working together to make brilliant things happen or try out skills or tasks you’re not sure about can be a great confidence boost.



10. Improve and be part of a Stockport’s growing cultural community

Stockport is enjoying redevelopment and the community is well connected and thriving. Join our cultural community in a time of exciting changes.

If you think you would like to volunteer with us or support us in another way, please take a look at how here. You can also find out more about our arts for wellbeing programmes, which our volunteers and donations help to support.

Leona Armstrong,
Engagement Officer, Arc