We Are Dreamers Opens

We are pleased to announce the launch of an Arc project commissioned by SMBC called We Are Dreamers‘, culminating in an art installation at Stockport War Memorial Art Gallery opening Nov 11th.  

To coincide with Remembrance Day 2018, the installation curated by acclaimed theatre designer Richard Foxton will be visually striking and inspiring. Using a varying scale of boxes to create a maze of corridors and gateways which will allow visitors to move through and interact with the boxes, visitors will be given a glimpse into the dreams and hopes of those who have contributed, as well as the 10 chosen men who went to war. An area at the end of the display will also provide a space for visitors to contribute their own box, which can be added to the display so that it is ever growing and changing.

The exhibition continues until 5pm on Sunday February 10th 2018 – check the opening times here.

See the full Remembrance Day celebrations hereSearch #WeAreDreamers2018 to find out more about the project.