We are very excited to announce an Arc project commissioned by SMBC, a social engagement arts project launching in September 2018. 

World War 1 poet, Siegfried Sassoon, once wrote: Stockport We Are DreamersThese words remind us that before they were numbers or names written on a memorial, the soldiers that went to war had dreams, hopes, and aspirations. It is this idea that we wish to draw upon to create a community response to memorializing the First World War, 100 years on.

Working with community groups to deliver artist-led public workshops, independent contributions from individuals and groups will also be invited to use their imagination to create their own ‘Dreambox’ which will create an engaging, immersive and inspiring installation turning the upper gallery at Stockport War Memorial Art Gallery itself into a box of dreams, filled with the hopes for the future as a powerful tribute to the past. Interspersed amongst these individual responses will also be 10 carefully curated boxes, which give an insight into the lives of ten young men from Stockport who also dreamt of home and of a future – but never returned.

To coincide with Remembrance Day 2018, the installation curated by acclaimed theatre designer Richard Foxton will be visually striking and inspiring. Using a varying scale of boxes to create a maze of corridors and gateways which will allow visitors to move through and interact with the boxes, visitors will be given a glimpse into the dreams and hopes of those who have contributed, as well as the 10 chosen men who went to war. An area at the end of the display will also provide a space for visitors to contribute their own box, which can be added to the display so that it is ever growing and changing.

We are looking for participants to create a ‘dreambox’ (individually or collectively) which represents their dreams and aspirations, a nod to Sasson’s words. Guided by a brief, participants will be welcome to use any chosen artistic medium to decorate or fill their box.

Find out more about the Remembrance Day celebrations here.

Individuals and groups who would like to take part by creating a box will be able to collect a pack soon – please click here to join our exhibitions and events mailing list or Like us on Facebook and follow the project on Instagram to keep updated! Inspiration can be found on our Pinterest throughout and you can also search #WeAreDreamers2018 to follow the project.

Example dreamboxes: