An exhibition of sculpture and mixed media, making the pain of Endometriosis and Adenomyosis visible. We demand to be seen.

Saturday May 27th – Friday June 16th 2023

Lucy Gee is a creative educator from Stockport who leads art sessions and large arts projects with children and local artists. She received a micro commission grant during Stockport Arts and Health Week 2022 to produce a body of artwork for her first exhibition as an independent artist, Pain Built In. 

Lucy has suffered severe pelvic pain for around 5 years and has found her journey to final diagnosis of Deep Infiltrating Endometriosis immensely difficult and frustrating. The ongoing, increasing pain of her condition combined with a growing awareness of the prejudices in women’s healthcare and lack of quality, timely treatments for these conditions, led her to express herself through therapeutic artwork. Through this art exhibition Lucy wants to share her personal experience and offer support to others.

“Endometriosis sufferers call themselves ‘Endo Warriors’, and now I understand why. We fight to be believed, fight for treatment, fight for our jobs, fight for our lives. Every day in pain feels like a battle against our own bodies. We bare the scars of surgery. ” 

Since diagnosis, Lucy has connected with a vast community of women with similar and often traumatising experiences of Endometriosis. They share the daily challenges of living with this painful disease, its cause and cure unknown due to a chronic lack of research. The conditions, dismissively labelled as ‘women’s troubles’ have been historically brushed under the carpet. 

Despite Endometriosis affecting 1 in 10 women, many experience profound ignorance of the condition even from the medical profession; their careers, relationships and even fertility are stolen – they’re left living half lives in chronic pain – and yet Endometriosis is still not recognised as a disability.

“Often on top of the pain of the disease is how women are treated by society – disbelieved, undermined, rejected. They are often told their pain is normal and denied proper treatment whilst the condition worsens and spreads through pelvic organs.” 

In this powerful exhibition combining both 2D and 3D work, Lucy uses a multimedia approach – watercolour pigments embellished with embroidery depict the painful internal spreading of inflammation, adhesions and scars of this malevolent disease.

Using a combination of clay, metal and textiles, Lucy’s 3D sculptures give a tangible window into the various forms of pain of Endometriosis. Through texture, they make invisible pain visible, touchable, and thus nearer to being understandable to those with no knowledge of the suffering so many women endure. Lucy’s art demands this change by making pain visible and raising awareness.

“Change for myself and change for all the other women living half lives in pain, battling to be seen, to be believed, to be treated and to live good lives.”

In support of Lucy’s work, a collaboration of other local artists express their personal experiences of Endometriosis through powerful, visual artworks. These powerful depictions make up a collaborative part of the exhibition named ‘See my Pain’.  See a list of works here.

She thanks those who have shared their experiences and artwork and supported her on this creative therapeutic journey. 

“We are a sisterhood of warriors.”

Lucy recommends the Manchester Area Endometriosis Facebook group for finding support:

Lucy can be contacted directly via Instagram

or email 

Join us on Saturday May 27th for the public launch of Pain Built In, a chance to view the exhibition, as well as try creative and family-friendly activities at our Saturday Art Club. 

The exhibition continues 10:00-16:00 on Thursdays and Fridays until 16:00 on Friday June 16th 2023.