Exhibition: Stockport Together Again

Stockport Together Again

Connecting Through Creativity

Stockport Together Again is an exhibition commissioned by Stockport Metropolitan Borough Council to celebrate the power of creativity to heal and support our mental health. In 2021 after the devastating mental and social impact of the pandemic, there is a need for us to connect again and share our stories of this time – and what better place than Stockport War Memorial Art Gallery (click for Google Maps) – created 100 years ago for people to experience the joy of arts and culture and come together in difficult times.  

The exhibition showcases the work of more than 300 creatives, and represents projects, collectives, studios and community groups who have engaged with well over 900 people across the Borough.  People who said ‘let’s give it a go’ and used art in all its forms to keep them connected and hopeful…

The exhibition opens on Saturday September 25th at 10:00 at the War Memorial Art Gallery on Wellington Road South (A6), when all are welcome to come along and join in our free art activity suitable for children and adults too. Donations to the charity are welcome on the day or at Justgiving.
It will then be open Thursdays and Fridays 13:00-17:00, Saturdays 10:00-17:00 and Sundays 11:00-16:00 until 16:00 on Sunday November 14th when the exhibition ends. 

But Stockport Together Again is more than an exhibition… It’s an invitation to have a go too!

We are also hosting the first Stockport Arts and Health Week from October 11th -16th at Arc & SWMAG. Full details and links for bookings can be found here, tap an image for more.
Art Is The Cure – Creative & Community Speed-Networking & Micro-Commission Launch
Arts and Health Facilitation Workshop
Writing for Wellbeing with Jane Bradley
Use Video To Tell Your Creative/Community Story Workshop
Moving for a Healthy Body and Mind with Company Chameleon
Stockport Together Again Exhibition Tours
Together Again LIVE!

On Monday October 11th we’re launching Arts and Health Micro-Commissions which will provide stepping-stone funding for exploring creative ideas and projects within Stockport. Details will be posted on this page nearer the time or sign up to hear about our creative opporunities here. Attendance to the event is not required to apply for the funding.

Stockport is the place that makes itself, where might this thread lead?

Stockport Together Again
Stockport War Memorial Art Gallery (click for Google Maps)
Wellington Road South
Stockport  SK3 8AB
T: 0161 474 4453 E:

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