An exhibition of Art by Simone Frater-Russell & Nerissa Cargill Thompson

Time to stop, Time to notice, Time to remember, Time to appreciate, Time to reflect.
January 27th – February 16th 2018

TIME is an exhibition of textiles, print and photography by Manchester-based artists Simone Frater-Russell and Nerissa Cargill-Thompson.

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Simone’s work documents the nature of memory, while Nerissa encourages the viewer to stop and look closer, to find beauty, value and purpose in the old and discarded. Both artists explore change over time, be that physical shape and appearance or the fleeting, ethereal and sometimes unreliable way individuals recall events or people.

Read Simone and Nerissa‘s latest blogs in anticipation of the exhibition.

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In response to the theme ‘Time’, Simone has been working on some small embroideries.

The scene depicted is a fictional place, somewhere she could imagine spending quiet time, walking, relaxing and taking time out from the business of everyday living. The scene evokes for her the feeling of ‘hygge’, a place of safety, welcome and retreat.

Join Nerissa and Simone and explore your real or imagined ‘hygge’ place at their HYGGE PANEL Textile Workshop, open for bookings from the public Open Art Studiofrom 17:00 on Dec 22nd. 2017 has been a year of “hygge,” a Danish term defined as “a quality of cosiness and comfortable conviviality that engenders a feeling of contentment or wellbeing”, and the workshop will involve creating a patchwork panel or collage representing your “happy place”, using simple printing techniques such as stitch and appliqué to capture the essence of ‘hygge’ through colour, texture, pattern and motif. Attendees are encouraged to bring scraps of fabric and old clothes to include in their piece to make it more personal. Text such as favourite quotes or mottos can be added using print or stitch. The panels would be suitable for framing and hanging on the wall or attaching to a furnishing such as a cushion as a visual reminder of the feeling of safety & wellbeing and to encourage positivity.
You will also be able to spend TIME reflecting on the exhibition pieces displayed in the Arc Centre Gallery.    |

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