An arts for wellbeing exhibition – Feb 23rd – April 12th 2019

Arc offers vulnerable adults and young people structured arts for wellbeing programmes, supporting them on a journey through recovery to increased resilience, wellbeing and independence. Join us to find out more about Arc and the personal journeys through ‘Unlocking Creativity: Transforming Lives’, an art exhibition in Stockport exploring the personal growth and transformations through creative expression and the compelling stories which take place in Arc’s supportive environment – a celebration of the impact of these programmes over the last three years.

We celebrate the diverse journeys and achievements made by the programmes’ participants through a collection of artwork and stories; taking you along a path from their initial experiences of the creative programmes, in some cases to volunteering with Arc and progressing beyond. The public launch day on February 23rd runs alongside the monthly Arc Saturday Art Club, which welcomes visitors of all ages to explore a fun block printing activity.
Create a block print self-portrait or image of a friend on a card to take home and add to our wall of faces! Drop-in between 11:00 and 15:30, You can also follow us on Facebook or join the mailing list to keep updated.


Check out the trailer for our upcoming film!

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Do you work with adults experiencing ill mental health? Come along to our special event to find out more about the programmes. Email to find out more.
If you are interested in making a referral for a client or self referring? Please visit this page for more information.
This arts for wellbeing exhibition showcases of a type of support available for
mental health in Stockport, and is open 10:00-16:00 Weds-Fri until 4pm April 12th 2019
for visitors who want to find out more. It will also be open 11:00-15:30 during March’s Saturday Art Club on March 30th.