Music online to keep you inspired at home

Hi, I’m Phill Howley and I’m the project manager for Young People’s Arc which includes ‘MusicSpace’. I’m also a professional musician and I thought I’d let you know about some of my favourite websites / apps / tools for music online to keep you and/or the kids inspired at home!

1. Bandlab –

This is a brilliant online DAW (digital audio workstation) which basically means it’s a music studio that is free and simple to use. You can make beats using the built in loops, add your own voice to your recordings using the microphone on your phone. and then even share, collaborate and even set up your own band with your friends using the Collaborate function. It really has helped me stay in touch with other musicians and we’ve even been using it to createe music online with our MusicSpace group for young people.

Spotify –

It’s so good to listen and explore new music, audiobooks and podcasts. You can follow the recommendations from Spotify or maybe ask online to see what everybody else is enjoying? You can even create shared playlists which allow you to listen to the same music as your friends whilst you FaceTime / Zoom / Whatsapp.

Youtube –

If you’ve ever wanted to learn a new musical skill or instrument there’s a Youtube channel for that, here are some of my personal favourites:

YouTube video

Here’s a link that Youth Music shared which has links to some really fun online music apps for music-making that’ll keep you occupied for hours.
Remember that you don’t need any technology or instruments for music-making, just your voice!!! Sing in the shower, sing in the garden, sing in the kitchen; just sing your favourite song, and enjoy.  

Phill Howley
Project manager, Arc YPA
May 31st, 2020