Get involved with the Patchwork Project: Threads of Creativity

Stockport Culture Champions has signed up to create a patchwork piece as part of a national project called ‘Patchwork – The Covid Quilt Project’, commemorating 2020, or “The Year of Covid”, by capturing peoples’ experiences and thoughts through this age-old method of recording social history. Groups have been invited to produce a community patchwork that will reflect the stories of their local area and communities. We have decided to use our patchwork to record  the diverse ways we have stayed creative and connected during the covid pandemic, hence “Patchwork Project: Threads of Creativity”!

Themes could include:

We are calling on individuals and any groups at Arc who would like to create individual squares that we can stitch and quilt together at a later date. We’re inviting contributions from anyone who would like to decorate a square; there are lots of techniques that could be applied – applique, patchwork, cross-stitch, embroidery, beading, machine- or hand-stitching, etc – or it doesn’t even have to involve any stitching! You could use fabric pens or paints, stamping, or transfer. If you don’t fancy any of these, you can produce a paper version of your design and we can transfer it to fabric for you.

Each square should be 12 x 12 inches (30.5cm). Please leave a 1-inch border and decorate a 10 inch x 10 inch (25cm) area, this will allow room to stitch pieces together.

Please send your square to us by March 31st to ensure inclusion in the piece, Once all of the squares are collected, they will be bordered using the Arc logo colours to bring it all together, attached onto one large piece of wadding and one piece of backing fabric.  

We hope that this will be a great way to record the unusual year we have experienced and produce a wonderful piece of creativity that can be displayed at Arc Centre at Hat Works and even hopefully go on tour throughout the country as part of the national project!

Please do get involved, we think it will be a lovely end product but also really fun to make and something positive to do over the next few months – email Hebe at if you fancy creating a square! We are also looking for people to help this small team with the project, initially remotely but potentially at Hat Works in the spring, please let us know when you email if that’s something you could be interested in.

Find inspiration on our Pinterest board here!