Arc On Demand – Creative Writing Course Digital Pack


Explore how creative writing can inspire your creativity, improve your self awareness and support your mental wellbeing.


Explore how creative writing can inspire your creativity, improve your self awareness and support your mental wellbeing.

This creative writing course is designed to get anyone writing, with the hope that by doing so you will feel that your mental state is more relaxed yet focussed, more in tune with your surroundings, more inspired by the world around you and more confident to express yourself. Taking time to stop and be reflective, to be in the moment, the here and now. 

Arc’s Artistic Director, Jacqui Wood, guides you through exercises and games which will encourage you to write from pictures or objects you may have around you, words and lines from books on your shelves and the streets or landscape where you live. Each session has a video explanation, which you can pause at any time, a helpsheet and resources. 

The course does not focus on grammar or spelling, nor is it any form of therapy. The writing exercises are designed to get you observing, taking notice, using your senses, developing empathy, imagination and creativity. All of the exercises are starting points, to free you to get everything down on paper , with no inhibitions – so that you can then read it back to yourself, edit and refine – as you see necessary. This is about developing your voice and making sense of your world. 

Creative writing can help you to develop insight, perspective and awareness. It is about using and owning language – and about having fun whilst doing it!

The downloadable digital pack includes:

  • 5 helpsheets with 18 activities, including warm ups and resources. 
  • Accompanying videos from Arc’s Artistic Director Jacqui Wood, guiding you through the core activities and giving you friendly inspiration.
  • Total video time approx 45 mins, estimated time commitment 5 – 6 hours, but entirely up to you to choose from the activities and spend as little or as long as you like on each.

Your purchase will also help us to transform the lives of people in Greater Manchester who are experiencing mental health issues.

Once you’ve purchased the course you will receive a link to download the course via email. (Please check your junk mail!) If you are gifting this course, you can forward the email on to the recipient or you can add the recipient’s email to the optional order notes on the checkout page and we will send them the email with the link included.