Preview evening Friday the 9th of September 6-8pm, then open weekdays 10am-4pm from 10am on the 12th of September to 4pm on the 18th of November 2016.
Also open on  the last Saturday of the month for our Arc Family Art Clubs – a special urban collage club inspired by Rod’s exhibition from 11am-4pm on Saturday the 24th September and the Arc Halloween Spooktacular from 11am-4pm on Saturday 29th of October.
This exhibition is a collection of street photography showing the surfaces of buildings and structures across the region.

The exhibition is purely photography, although Rod says his work is often described as quite ‘painterly’. And at first glance they do seem like pictures of paintings, of painted sculptures and modern art.

“I’m interested in that 20th century abstraction.
I’m kind of drawn to that.”

Rod will also be leading 2 special urban photography trails in the daytime of Saturday 24th September in Reddish and the evening of Tuesday 4th of October in Stockport – to book or for more details visit the Book a Workshop page.
Visit Rod’s Artist Facebook Page here.
ARC-RODK-POSTER-PRINT   Screen Shot 2016-08-03 at 23.17.17 rodphotog