A Museum of Journeys Virtual Tour of the Art Exhibition

We felt the need for a A Museum of Journeys virtual tour of art the exhibition because the installation is currently locked inside the Gallery Cafe at Arc Centre, Hat Works, and we wanted more people to see it! We know that the full impact can’t be recreated, but we wanted the stories to reach more people until we can open it safely again, possibly for pre-bookable viewings.

A Museum of Journeys in a Chest of Drawers is an interactive, hands-on exhibition of storytelling. Having opened on February 29th 2020 to much excitement and two fantastic live performances from the participants, we then sadly had to close it down due to the Coronavirus pandemic. The project brings together two diverse and often stigmatised communities through interactive artworks and story-telling, hoping to share stories of what unites as humans during a time of political, social, cultural, and now physical, divide. 

The virtual tour offers a tantalising glimpse into this tactile exhibition; looking inside the chests of drawers and discovering the personal stories from two seemingly different groups of people.

Do you recognise yourself in the stories told? 

YouTube video

Artists Sharon Campbell and Rachel Ramchurn would like to thank all participants from Arc and Global Sistaz United and organisations Arc and Arts Council England for their continued support and belief in our work.

Watch this space – we hope to see you as soon as we can guarantee a safe experience!
Project lead artists, Sharon and Rachel

Read more about the exhibition here  |
IG: @museumofjourneys  |  Music by RoBoTaLiEn.

“We hope to positively cross barriers around attitudes towards mental ill health and refugee status women, looking at the commonality between us, the human themes we share, despite our apparent differences.”

With partners, Arc, Global Sistaz United, New Arts Exchange Nottingham,  funded by Arts Council England.