Young People’s Arc

Young People’s Arc (YPA) supports more than 100 children and young people facing severe life, family and mental health challenges each year. 

We offer creative, life-changing opportunities to children and young people at risk and dealing with issues as varied as caring responsibilities, bereavement, bullying, neurodiversity and acute anxiety. 

Our arts and mental health programme enables them to grow in confidence, wellbeing, friendships and resilience.

Our current YPA programme consists of the Shine arts studio project which we run in partnership with Beacon Counselling and a range of partnerships and commissions, with agencies across Stockport, Tameside and Oldham. MusicSpace will recommence in 2024. To find out more please email 


Shine is an arts studio project, providing young people aged 11 – 17 with a safe space in which they are able to express themselves without judgement. Over 12 weekly sessions  they develop visual arts skills and create their own artwork – which boosts their confidence, increases a sense of pride and belonging, and impacts on their mental health, building resilience to help them cope. And it’s fun!

Sessions take place on Wednesdays 16:30–18:30 at Hat Works. For more information or to make a referral please contact Beacon Counselling.

“After the first week I came home and said, ‘I don’t have to wear my mask mum, I can be me.’ No-one here thinks I’m weird.” 
“I was worried about being with people I didn’t know, worried I’d not be able to talk to people. But the atmosphere here is really great, it’s really welcoming and friendly.” 
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“Many thanks again for providing such a wonderful, safe place for my kids to thrive in.”
“This has ended up not just being support for the young people but for us parents too. There’s a little group of us, we chat in the week, and we’re here for each other, someone to talk to.” 
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